Meet Emily Fitzpatrick, Account Manager

My name is Emily Fitzpatrick and I am currently an Account Manager for Twincraft Skincare. If you knew me 10, 5, or even 2 years ago, you would have never thought I would be working at a soap factory!

I went to the University of Vermont to be an elementary teacher. After graduating, I went into early education teaching preschool for a couple of years and then moving into a Program Director role. After running childcare schools for 10 years, I was feeling a little burnt out and needed a change.

Leaving the world of education and entering a completely new field was scary and hard but a must for my family and me. After endless applications and interviews, I was struggling to find a business that would take a chance on me and see that my skills could transfer to a new position.

When I came to Twincraft I interviewed with the Plant Manager. The conversation was easy and not intimidating at all. He told me he could definitely see that my skills and personality would be a great fit at Twincraft, but felt I would be better suited for a different department. He then connected me with the Director of Client Services. After interviewing with her and her team I received a job as Associate Account Manager. Since then I have been promoted to an Account Manager managing my own customers and teams.

Native costumes halloween squareMy experience at Twincraft has been fantastic. I was so nervous coming into a manufacturing facility and office space when I had spent the last 12 years on the floor teaching and playing with children. My team has been amazing, super friendly, patient with all of my questions, and knowledgeable. In addition to my team being amazing, the whole Twincraft family has been very welcoming and supportive.

What a day in an Account Manager’s shoes looks like: I have team meetings with customers from all over the world. I get to listen to formulators talk about the different ways to make soap and hear about the new natural ingredients and fragrances that are hot in the market. I work with packaging design folks where we talk about the latest and greatest different kinds of sustainable packaging. I manage timelines and inventory reports. I also go down to production and check out what product is being made that day and talk with the folks on the line. One thing I really like about Twincraft is that it does not matter what department you are in, if you have an idea or a solution, all ideas are heard.

I never saw myself in this role, but am glad to be here. Twincraft was not biased about my background and gave me an opportunity to learn new skills and grow even more. In the short time I have been here I have learned so much about soap and beauty products. I will never look at the shelves in the personal care aisle the same way again!

If you are at all looking for a career change or a job outside of your field, do not forget about Twincraft! Even if you do not think you are the right fit for one of our job openings, it does not hurt to apply, because you could be just the right fit for a role you never thought of.

Meet the Twincraft Team is a new, recurring segment from Twincraft Skincare, where we highlight a first-person account of what life looks like working in our Vermont-based, artisinal manufacturing environment.