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We Proudly Manufacture Bar Soap in the USA

At Twincraft Skincare, we know bar soap. We’ve been making it since 1972, and we are proud to be the contract manufacturer of choice for any brand that wants to bring superior triple milled bar soap to bathrooms nationwide and around the world. At our Winooski, Vermont headquarters, we conceptualize the best bar soap for face and body, and our large team of over 250 employees turns a brand’s vision into a beautiful, high quality finished product.

For almost 50 years, we have led the industry in innovation and sustainability, prioritizing natural developments. Every brand that we work with has their own clean beauty, natural, or other related standards, and we are flexible to work with your needs and concerns. Natural colorants, biodegradable formulas, recyclable packaging, sustainably harvested active ingredients, coconut oil soap baseRSPO certified palm oil soap base, and a solar powered manufacturing facility are all aspects of our bar soap business available to help our customers make sustainable bar soap products with unique aesthetics that will resonate with today's consumers.

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Clean the World - finished soapsTwincraft & Clean the World

While soap finishing is an efficient and sustainable manufacturing process, there is always some soap waste after a production run. Instead of sending this soap to a landfill, Twincraft Skincare donates it to Clean the World, a social enterprise focused on improving hygiene and saving lives through education and soap donations.

Twincraft Skincare & Clean the World