Create the Next Big Thing in Personal Care

Collaborate with a personal care manufacturer who will listen to your ideas and help turn them into bar, skincare, and deodorant products your customers will love.

Brands We Work With


It can be hard for personal care brands to push the envelope when contract manufacturers aren’t willing to invest in new ideas. At Twincraft Skincare, we give you the flexibility to innovate and explore what’s possible while still delivering an exceptional finished product on time.

A Cleaner Approach to Collaboration

We believe strong partnerships lead to better products.

Sustainable Products

We’re picky about ingredients and packaging materials because we want to help people practice self-care without making the environment dirty. We go beyond vague claims to make personal care products that truly resonate with your customers.

Created Together

Long-term partnerships lead to more innovation in bar soaps, skincare products, and deodorants. Our manufacturing model is built on trust, communication, and collaboration with all our clients.

On Time

We help you dream big, but we also work hard to move your project forward. You can depend on us to bring your product brief to life while hitting your price point, performance, and timeline goals.

From Concept to Your Customers’ New Favorite Product

Jumpstart your next bar, skincare, or deodorant project.

Twincraft Product Design Team

Innovation + Ideation

We get the creative juices flowing by discussing your brand and product concept. Then we develop a brief that helps our team get started.



Here is where the magic happens. Using your brief as a roadmap, our R&D lab starts mixing potions and testing formulas to find what works.

bars on line


Finally, we bring your vision to life in the form of a product that wins over retailers and makes a splash with customers.

Explore What’s Possible

We built our manufacturing moxy on bar soap nearly 50 years ago. Now, we continue to innovate by finding ways to sustainably create the personal care products your customers are looking for, across a variety of product categories. Explore our product concept library to see what we can help you bring to life.

Lead Magnet Image - Product Cutout on Blob

A More Creative Process

Other manufacturers can have a strict formula that leads to lackluster products. Let’s break the mold.

It can be difficult to deliver a product your customers will love when your manufacturer doesn’t listen to your ideas. They may be able to produce something cheaply and quickly, but at what cost to your brand?

If you’re trying to create something new and exciting, you need a partner who collaborates with you and has the experience to guide you through every step of the process.

It’s Time to Come Clean

Got an idea for a deodorant that lasts all day? Feel-good skincare products? Unbelievable bar soaps? We want to hear about what you’re working on and how we can help get your product in (and on) the hands of your customers.