Frequently Asked Questions


What drives costs of goods?

COGM is influenced by many factors, including
overhead, raw materials and labor. Read this article to learn more about Twincraft's approach to pricing our finished goods! 

What factors into cost estimates?

Cost is estimated by order volume, formula cost,
batch tank compatibility, packaging complexity and cost, run rate, and crew requirements.

What influences your lead times?

Overall lead times are dictated by the lead times of our vendors who supply raw ingredients and packaging materials, coupled with our production schedule.

Why do you pilot?

We pilot for a variety of reasons – to understand each unique formula’s batching characteristics, assess packaging complexity and compatibility with the intended formula and production equipment, properly set customer expectations, and to learn as our capabilities continue to evolve.

Formulation & Capabilities

What is a soap finisher?

Twincraft Skincare is a soap finisher, which means that we do not manufacture soap base in-house. Instead, we partner with the world's top suppliers to use a pre-saponified base in the form of soap pellets, which become the foundation of our finished goods. Read all about our manufacturing process here!

Extruded soap vs. poured soap, what’s the difference?

Many small-scale soap makers and at-home crafters are familiar with the process of making soap by pouring liquid soap into a mold and letting it set and harden before use. Poured soap allows for unique visual aesthetics to be achieved, but this process is very labor intensive and difficult to scale up. Our process for finishing and extruding bar soap is highly efficient and produces consistent bars that last much longer than a poured version.

What products do you make?

Twincraft offers a diverse range of capabilities across skincare, bar soap, body care, deodorant, hair care and lifestyle categories. 

What is pH?

pH stands for ‘potential of Hydrogen.’ In chemistry, it is a scale used to specify how acidic or alkaline a water-based solution is. Here’s a great article on the importance of pH in product formulation.

What is a liquid load?

This is how much liquid can be added to a bar soap. Exceeding the liquid load can cause issues during production.

Packaging & Design

Do you offer sustainable packaging options?

Yes we do! Sustainability is at the heart of our product development process. Please reach out to a member of our sales team to learn more about Twincraft’s capabilities in packaging design.

Can I make a custom die?

Yes you can! For customers looking to customize a die, we have two options – custom die inserts or custom built dies. Inserts can be added to our
existing dies and allow the customer to press their logo or an image of their choice into a bar. Custom built dies can be made in an exact shape and size that a customer is looking for, but it takes longer and is more expensive than a die insert.

What are lot codes?

A lot code (also known as a “lot number”) is a unique identifier for a specific product’s production, allowing for traceability in the marketplace.

General Twincraft

Where are you located?

We have three facilities based in the beautiful state of Vermont! Find each facility's location here.


How many people work at Twincraft?

Twincraft has over 300 full-time employees.

How does Twincraft give back?

Supporting our local community and global initiatives working towards a greater good is at the core of our company ethos. We’re a proud
partner of Clean the World, an organization that donates soap and hygiene products to those in need. Read more about our social responsibility and sustainability efforts here!

Where did the name Twincraft come from?

Twincraft is a family-owned business,
founded in 1972 by twin brothers Bob and Dave Asch - hence the “twin” in Twincraft!

Claims & Quality Assurance

Are you able to make OTC products?

Yes, Twincraft is registered with the FDA to manufacture OTC products.

Do you offer regulatory support?

We have a regulatory team that supports our
product development team every step of the way! We require our regulatory team to vet any product artwork before production, even if our customer has a regulatory team of their own.

What kind of testing do you provide?

Twincraft provides packaging compatibility and stability testing in-house. We work with customers to facilitate any testing that needs to be outsourced.


Since we created our first bar of soap in 1972, we’ve grown to cover the whole spectrum of skin and personal care products. We can help you go from an idea on a napkin to putting your product out into the world with ease.