Twincraft Skincare's New American Workforce

As Vermont's labor shortage increases, the state is executing initiatives to attract new residents and employees to its workforce.  With immigrant populations growing, especially in larger cities like Burlington and surrounding areas, legislators believe the shortage can be remedied by improving workforce entry for these New American residents.

As a manufacturer in Vermont we echo the importance of this initiative and directly attribute our sustained growth to the contributions of our New Americans. By providing the necessary resources, we retain a strong, committed workforce and both business and employees can thrive. We've long operated under this principle and encourage other businesses in Vermont to do the same. 

twincraft New American employee packaging bar soapAt Twincraft, we have a heart for people, a head for business, and a passion for bringing the two together, especially for recruitment. We believe in supporting and giving back to our community— not just through donations and volunteer efforts, but also in hiring and educating the people who live within it. 

A naturalized citizen himself, CEO Pete Asch has always had an affinity for New Americans and a long-standing commitment to building a unique and culturally diverse workforce. Our recruitment efforts look for excellence and skill, regardless of geographic origin, and as a result, we've built a community of people from all over the world. 

In addition to  employment, Twincraft provides access to vital community resources and English classes to help New Americans acclimate to their new residence. We partner with New Americans to navigate immigration intricacies, and  utilize visual aids and other employees to overcome language barriers and communicate effectively.  These efforts not only help employees perform their jobs, but also better themselves and their respective communities. 

By providing quality careers and access to adequate support, we can build a sustainable future for our business and an inclusive workforce that stimulates us to view business challenges from different perspectives. 

Twincraft New American employees with Certificates of Achievement for English as a Second Language Course