Twincraft CARES  - Committed, Active, Responsible, Engaged Staff

Twincraft Skincare has invested in and given back to the community for decades, but it’s only recently that we formally created an internal initiative to formally organize our efforts. In late 2016, Twincraft CARESCommitted, Active, Responsible, Engaged Staff - was formed.

As the name suggests, Twincraft CARES is an opportunity for employees to raise money and donate their time to support a wide variety of causes. These causes range from the local, such as helping to plant trees at the nearby Intervale Center, to the international, including donating funds to help with natural disaster relief in Nepal.

The Twincraft Skincare community includes employees from over a dozen countries, with interests that range from supporting the Flynn Summer Youth Arts Program to ensuring that their local Girl Scout chaptercan participate in a 4th of July Parade.

Twincraft CARES  - Committed, Active, Responsible, Engaged Staff


If you’re a Twincraft employee and would like to submit a request to Twincraft CARES, download a form and submit it to our People Center team.

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We have an internal council that considers each application, and determines how much funding each cause will receive. Past events include:

Twincraft Skincare Dragon Boat Team