Twincraft Skincare Goes Solar

Twincraft Skincare Invests in Vermont Solar Power

From our wide range of bar soap offerings to our cutting edge developments in the liquid skincare market, at Twincraft Skincare, we have established ourselves as an innovator in our industry.

This commitment to innovation doesn’t stop at developing new products or manufacturing processes, though. We are always looking for ways to drive our industry forward in a more sustainable way, and we are proud to announce that in this spirit, we have partnered with SolarSense to make alternative energy sources the primary power provider for our administrative and production facilities.

We have contracted for two remote-sited solar projects, both of which are interconnected to Green Mountain Power. The power produced by these two projects will offset approximately 70% of our total electric expenses at our Winooski and Essex facilities.

Twincraft has worked exclusively with SolarSense as the projects’ developer, investor, and long-term owner/operator. This company helps commercial- and industrial-scale clients reduce their energy demand and supply costs, and it was a natural fit for us to work with a company that understood our goal of being more sustainable in a financially viable way.

“We applaud and celebrate Twincrafts’ commitment to sustainability as part of their mission to innovate, formulate, create, and partner.” said Chris Fraga, Founder and CEO of SolarSense LLC.

Twincraft Goes Solar Infographic

If you’re interested in learning more about this project or our other innovative initiatives, contact us at our Winooski, VT headquarters.