Twincraft Bar Soap & Skincare Product Concepts

Our Innovation Team is focused on creating high quality product concepts to demonstrate our capabilities and inspire our business partners.

Each quarter, our Sales, Marketing, and Technical Sales Team members travel the country with our latest product concepts to meet with R&D teams and product developers to start a conversation about how we can partner to create new products in the premium bar soap and natural skincare categories.

We develop new product ideas in both of these categories with a keen eye on market trends, new technological capabilities, and ingredient stories to help drive the industry forward. To help you identify bar soap and skincare opportunities, we've  surveyed the current mass and prestige skincare markets and compiled downloadable product category benchmark analyses, creating a snapshot of available products, fill size, and current retail prices. 


These products are a launching pad for new product development, and we encourage you to explore our ideas with the goal of using them as a starting point for your brand's next new product launch with Twincraft. 


Twincraft's trend-driven innovations

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