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Skincare Contract Manufacturing

Let's Make the Next Big Product in Skincare

Twincraft Skincare has made bar soap since 1972, but we've never been satisfied making just one type of product. A few years ago, we added natural skincare products to our capabilities list, and we have been full steam ahead with this category ever since.

We know that skincare manufacturers are a lot more common than bar soap makers, and to make sure that we can stand out from the competition we focus on a few key ideas: flexibility, scalability, and a commitment to making things work for the right partners. If you've got an idea for the next big product to hit the skincare space, we want to talk with you about it.

Explore What's Possible

It can be hard for brands to push the envelope with contract manufacturers aren't up for investing in new ideas. We know you're always looking for accessible innovation, which is why we're pushing the envelope ourselves. Browse our Product Concept Library to view skincare ideas that are ready to inspire your next moisturizer, mask, or serum launch.

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Our Skincare Capabilities

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Keeping skin hydrated, from your head to your toes

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Serums & Treatments

Deliver serious claims with natural formulas in a variety of textures & formats

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Looking for a creamy clay base? Or maybe an upcycled fruit enzyme peel? We have a concept to support every type of mask need

Skincare Brands that We Work With

We can manufacture a wide variety of textures & formulas at our Essex, VT skincare facilities

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Feeling Inspired?

Let us help you bring your innovative skincare ideas to life