Skincare can be complicated, and navigating different skin types, conditions, trending ingredients, and product formulas is often overwhelming to even the most seasoned savant. Adding insult to injury is the sheer amount of skincare products available in today’s market. With new products launching left and right, how do you decide what to buy? Despite the confusion, consumers have become increasingly educated on skin health and ingredient functions, which plays a pivotal role in their quest for the perfect skincare routine. Because the average shopper has a keen understanding of their skin, they’ve conducted extensive research to figure out which skincare ingredients will help them achieve their desired goals. 

Of course, the modern consumer is likely to consider a few key factors before committing to a skincare product. Efficacy is one such aspect that has become table stakes in the skincare industry, and one of the most important elements to the end user. Other crucial details include price point and overall budget, and whether or not that product aligns with specific personal values like sustainability. In light of the climate crisis and issues surrounding plastic waste and water scarcity, skincare consumers and brands alike have begun to address their role within this dynamic. A desire for simpler facial skincare routines is gaining traction, even in parts of Asia (i.e. South Korea) where multi-step routines have traditionally been very popular. Consumers' interest in paring down the number of products used in facial skincare routines can drive innovation that is focused on providing superior functionality and multipurpose benefits (Mintel, 2022). 

To meet the evolving needs of our brand partners, Twincraft developed our latest Multifunctional Beauty concepts, part of a larger collection launching at this year’s Cosmoprof, which will feature two products inspired by versatility and potency. The Lightray Elixir is a lightweight but powerful serum for all skin types that works hard to hydrate, refine, balance and brighten with Dioic Acid, Niacinamide, Angelica and Licorice Root Extracts, along with nourishing oils from Buriti, Avocado and Hemp. Our Everywhere Exfoliating Serum is ideal for those interested in head-to-toe exfoliation. This acid and enzyme complex utilizes PHAs like Gluconolactone and a spectrum of AHAs, including Mandelic Acid, to address a variety of skin concerns, whether it be on the face, back or legs, and anywhere in between.

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Source: Mintel (2022, April 28). A year of innovation in facial skincare, 2022.


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