One of the biggest themes in beauty today is an industry-wide push for more sustainable skincare. Whether it be in formulation or packaging, the product life cycle is being reimagined as both brands and consumers strive to reduce the size of their carbon footprint. With eco-conscious claims at the forefront, we’re seeing waterless, concentrated, solid and bar formats skyrocketing in popularity. In 2021, Global Cosmetic Industry conducted a survey that found 64% of people naming sustainability as extremely important when considering the purchase of a beauty product, compared to 58% three years ago. Young consumers especially have begun considering their role in the climate crisis, while looking to their favorite brands to take action and accountability.  

Our Product Innovation Team's latest collection of concepts features skincare solutions that marry all of the benefits of traditional liquid formats with a more sustainable initiative. The Concentrated Cleanser and Body Lotion are two such formulas that allow the consumer to achieve whole body application with only a pea-sized amount of product. Packaged in recyclable aluminum and gentle enough to be used head-to-toe, they offer both eco-friendliness and a unique user experience as both formulas transform with the addition of water, making for a standout in-shower routine. 

Looking at ways to reduce water in our formulas without compromising ingredient performance, we developed a series of solid serums and moisturizers utilizing hot pour technology. The Ceramide Serum Stick and Solid Primer were created from our hybrid base, a versatile compound that uses an emulsification system to combine both oil and water soluble actives. The Tattoo Shield is formatted from our Solid Lotion, with the addition of nourishing ingredients like 2% Vitamin E, Bisabolol, Tucuma Butter and Sphinox Defenda, a ceramide found to protect skin against UV damage. Most liquid scrubs have upwards of 20 – 30% exfoliating content, which if not biodegradable can have detrimental effects on our water supply. Compare this to Buff Daddy, an exfoliating bar with only 0.25% of beads suspended throughout the solid, leaving more room in the budget for beneficial ingredients and the elimination of excess water and waste, both in formula and packaging. 

Since 1972, Twincraft has made it our mission to adopt intentional business practices however possible. We’re thrilled to continue working with like minded brands, developing innovative formulas hinged on this forward-thinking approach. If you're inspired to create more sustainable skincare, we would love to hear from you! CONTACT OUR SALES TEAM


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