In the third part of Twincraft Skincare’s blog series on CEW’s Year in Review and 2018 Trend Forecast, we discuss how brands - including Twincraft - must operate in a way that aligns with consumers’ own beliefs to be successful.

Campaign Capital

In a world where soda companies make politically charged ads and the dining room table is surrounded by family members with divided opinions, no one can be silent when it comes to their beliefs and how they act on them. Consumers are more interested than ever in the way that companies that they support do business, treat their customers, and impact the world around them, and they’re willing to support or completely avoid companies that align or conflict with their own beliefs, accordingly.

Good Products Are Not Enough

Consumers expect brands to not only create outstanding products, but to now impress them with a human-like personality that’s personable, relatable, and sincere. Brands in 2018 need to have a personality that is genuine and transparent, and must give back in some way.

56% of US consumers have stopped buying products from a brand or retailer if they believe they are unethical.

Child labor, sweat shop working conditions, and harmful environmental practices are all concerns that shoppers have when looking for a product, and while there is usually a higher cost associated with following through with more ethical or responsible business practices, buyers will take note and support it.

Stay Kind

37% of UK consumers consider whether or not a product is tested on animals when shopping.

Regulation regarding animal testing varies all over the world, but many consumers seek out vegan or cruelty free products when they’re shopping. There are so many alternatives for aware customers on the market today, that they have no problem switching to a kinder alternative over an old favorite. Many large companies are still associated with animal testing for household care items, and customers are quickly drawing correlations at the corporate level so that they can totally avoid promoting animal testing at any level.

Giving Back

Corporate social and environmental responsibility has become a given in 2018, and customers are ready for brands to take things a step further and truly improve the world around them, instead of striving for zero impact.

Brands are encouraged to share their stance – consumers have strong opinions on social and environmental issues, and if they see a brand sharing a message that they agree with, they want to learn more about it, and the brand. While there are often missteps on this type of journey, brands can be open about their failures, and reinforce that they are always striving to be better. This creates a personality, grows a connection, and helps promote a brand that customers want to invite into their own lives.

At Twincraft, we are always looking for ways to be more responsible business partners for our customers, focusing on minimizing our impact on the environment, supporting local Vermonters, promoting natural ingredient stories, and giving back to our community with Twincraft CARES. Contact us to learn more about these initiatives.

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Source: Mintel - Beauty and Personal Care Global Trends 2018


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