In the second part of Twincraft Skincare’s blog series on CEW’s Year in Review and 2018 Trend Forecast, we dive headfirst into the world of personalized beauty.

My Beauty, My Rules

A commercial that aggressively targets a woman in her 50s with wrinkle treatments has no place in 2018 – the time has come for a traditionally judgmental industry to celebrate individualism in all of its beauty, and to come to terms with the fact that no people have the exact same concerns when it comes to personal care. In the coming years, Mintel projects that brands will stop targeting buyers based on their body type, gender, or age, as consumers increasingly define beauty and personal care on their own terms.

75% of French female consumers say that feeling comfortable is better than looking perfect.

Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors, and the internet has helped personal care users break down walls and demand that personal care brands of all sizes create products that offer solutions to everyone. Inclusivity is a belief echoed across all platforms, as social media gives a voice to people from all walks of life who affirm their right to equal rights, equal opportunities, and equal treatment from the workplace to the supermarket.

Full Spectrum Color

40% of US makeup users aged 25 – 34 are frustrated by products that don’t match their skin tone.

Popular and high end foundations sold at prestige retailers have long been limited in the diversity of their shade offerings, and their deepest, darkest shades were so light that they excluded many skin tones completely from their offerings. Fenty Beauty was released in 2017 with the goal of fixing this problem. The cosmetics line is the brainchild of singer/songwriter/entrepreneur Robyn Fenty – better known as Rihanna all over the world – with the intention of filling an industry void that has been empty for far too long. The cruelty-free makeup line is available in 40 shades, and its success has shown doubters that the demand is there for a full spectrum of color offerings.

No One-Size-Fits-All Thinking

33% of Brazilian Millennials say they would like to see more ads featuring people of a variety of body types.

In magazines, video, and social media ads, thin, light skinned, and young women are still widely favored for showcasing product. Consumers are asking to see a better reflection of society in these advertisements though, and as brands like Covergirl are including more size and skin tone variety in their promotional material, consumers are noticing and reacting positively.

Developing Product for a Wider Audience

At Twincraft Skincare, we approach product development with consumer expectations in mind, and we’re asking ourselves, how do we make sure we’re inclusive in our product concepts? We don’t manufacture color cosmetics, but we do make personal care products for all possible body types and age demographics, from baby washes that avoid potentially harmful ingredients, to targeted facial creams that help minimize wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

All of these products are adaptable, though, and while we may have one target consumer in mind when doing formulations, we’re quick to pivot the way we think about different products to address a wider audience. We want our products to be available to a variety of customers, and are ready to help the brands that we work with address any holes in their existing product line. Contact our Sales Team to learn more about current projects, and to discuss partnership opportunities.


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Source: Mintel - Beauty and Personal Care - Global Trends 2018


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