Today’s hyper-educated consumers have been laser focused on whole body wellness, especially since the onset of the COVID-19. The pandemic has fundamentally changed consumers' attitudes towards their health, and boosting immunity remains center stage. Skin is the first line of defense from external aggressors, as well as a reflection of the body's internal state. Consumers are gravitating towards products that speak to skin resiliency, with a heightened focus on ensuring optimal skin health by supporting barrier function, the skin’s innate ability to regulate and protect itself. This trend has also been sparked by an increase in chronic skin conditions and changes in lifestyle amid the pandemic. Consumers with multiple skin conditions display an affinity for products with gentler attributes, but still look to receive specific aesthetic benefits like brightening and firming. With the spotlight on health and immunity, consumers are incorporating ingredients like antioxidants and adaptogens, along with microbiome support, into both their wellness and skincare regimens to support a holistic self care routine. In our latest collection of innovation concepts, debuting next week at Cosmoprof North America, we developed a sub-category of products that not only focus on supporting the skin barrier, but feature a cocktail of actives that provide additional benefits that many consumers look for.

The Gentle Nudge Non-Acid Serum is a unique formula that differs from traditional exfoliating products in the market. Rather than loosening and lifting dead skin cells the way acids do, we utilize barrier strengthening ingredients to improve the health and performance of the skin, which improves cell turnover rate. You could say that this product is just giving your skin the gentle nudge that it needs to function optimally.

Our Adaptogen Skin Tonic is a lightweight and refreshing essence, inspired by the wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The star of the show is Astragalus, one of the most celebrated herbs in TCM, used to balance sebum production, quell inflammation and improve hydration levels. Up next is Schisandra, an antioxidant-rich berry rich in lignans, which have calming and restorative properties.

We’ve taken the concept of micellar technology, which uses a mild surfactant system, and applied it to our soap free base. By adding in natural plant surfactants, called saponins, the Micellar Bar will gently cleanse skin without stripping it of necessary oils.

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