Twincraft Skincare is a custom contract manufacturer based in Winooski, Vermont. We partner with over 140 different brands to manufacture bar soaps and liquid skincare products, and our team is here to guide them through product conception stages, all phases of R&D, testing and quality assurance, filling and shipping, and to provide supporting marketing collateral.

We do not have our own brand or our own products – you won’t see a soap on a drugstore shelf with a “Twincraft” label. Instead, we work with the world’s premier personal care brands to provide the best products to consumers, primarily through a natural lens that avoids specific chemicals as dictated by the marketplace and prioritizes the highest quality ingredients.

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Should Your Brand Work with Twincraft?

For many personal care brands, large and small, there is always the question of whether they should make their own product in-house, or work with a contract manufacturer to produce it. There is no simple answer to this query, but when any company initiates a partnership with Twincraft Skincare, there are a few key aspects that we look at to determine if a collaboration is the best solution for both parties, including volume, formula restrictions, and organizational needs.


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Twincraft Contract Manufacturing Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

When Twincraft establishes a partnership with a new brand, both parties must understand order minimums. This takes into consideration available machinery, ingredients and batching requirements, scheduling, and team resources to ensure that a project works well for you, the customer, and the Twincraft Skincare team. Initial orders and refill quantities can vary, and we want to provide the best possible experience for our customers from the very first product launch, and for years to come.

If your company's current distribution expectations are too small for a bar soap or liquid skincare product, we can always explore partnerships at a later date when volume has grown to meet our minimums.

Our requirements for bar soap and liquid skincare contract manufacturing  minimums are different, and will vary for each project, depending on die or fill size. Please contact our sales team with specific information about our business, and we'll discuss our minimums and address any questions that your business has.


Product Types and Production Capabilities

Different types of product require specific machinery to efficiently manufacture them to our high quality standards. Our liquid production facility has a wide variety of available machinery to fill an array of containers, including tubes, bottles, and jars, but there are restrictions to our liquid filling capabilities handling each packaging type. We partner with our customers to ensure that product developments are made with their best interests in mind, and welcome partnerships and investments that help drive innovation. We pride ourselves on transparency, and if we currently don’t have the capabilities to execute a project, we will guide customers to a more appropriate solution for them at this time. We are aware that we can’t proficiently create any and all liquid skincare products at this time due to limitations in equipment and kit, but we forge our business plans in a way that ensures that with time, we will.

Twincraft Skincare has been manufacturing bar soap since 1972, and our capabilities in this area are well established, and always growing. We pride ourselves on pushing the industry forward by using new raw materials and manufacturing techniques, and create aesthetically interesting bars, many of which can’t be duplicated by our competitors. We strive to make the best bar soap on the market, and welcome working with any brands who want to bring their own bar soap concepts to fruition.

Organizational Needs

We partner with many of the market’s largest brands, but we also work with much smaller businesses, and our administrative team is constantly working to ensure that the needs of all of our customers are met. The Twincraft Team understand your need to maintain good relationships with vendors, buyers, suppliers, and customers, and when we have new business development meetings, we ask questions about timelines, reorder schedules, and more, to ensure that there aren’t surprises down the road.

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