Meet Ganesh Rai, Line Lead

Meet Ganesh Rai, Line Lead at Twincraft Skincare.

What kind of education or career training did you have?
I graduated high school and went to 2 years of college.

What's your role at Twincraft?
My role at Twincraft is a Line lead.

What does a normal week at Twincraft look like for you?
We are especially really busy at work this summer, so we try to finish the orders as soon as possible and we want to make our customers happy with our work.

What's your favorite part about your job?
Favorite part about my job is to help people in line, make them smile by telling jokes and doing my jobs.

What do you wish more people knew about Twincraft?
It a really great place to work and they give employees lots of opportunity to work in different positions.

What surprises you most about what we do at Twincraft?
Before I came to work at Twincraft, people used to tell me it’s not a good place to work and hourly wages are not good enough. But since I started working here, I am surprised that how much they care about the employees, they do their best to help each and every employee and the wages are good.

Ganesh playing soccerWhere is your favorite place to eat in Winooski?
My favorite restaurant is Friend’s Nepali restaurant and I usually go eat fire-rice, chowmein and dumplings.

What's your favorite way to spend a Summer Friday?
I just stay at home, play video games, go out with friends and play soccer.

Bar soap or body wash?
Bar soap. My favorites are Tom Ford and Bath & Body Works.

If you could formulate any personal care product for us to make, what would it be?
New products for Bath & Body Works and Tom Ford.

Winter or summer in Vermont?
Of course summer because I love to go hiking, go to the beach with friends and play soccer.

Meet the Twincraft Team is a new, recurring segment from Twincraft Skincare, where we highlight a first-person account of what life looks like working in our Vermont-based, artisinal manufacturing environment.