Getting your beauty sleep is about more than just a lifestyle goal – while your body sleeps, your skin recovers and naturally repairs and renews itself. Overnight skincare products can take advantage of the body’s natural circadian rhythms and target this time to maximize efficacy.

There are many benefits for using a product exclusively designed for nighttime usage, which help maximize product potency and minimize the potential for irritation or sensitivity.

  • Minimal sun exposure – overnight is the ideal time to use products, such as retinol lotions or chemical peels with AHAs, that can make skin more sensitive to sun damage, and increase the likelihood of resulting damage, including hyperpigmentation
  • Lower concern for wearability – daytime skincare products are designed to be layered and worn with makeup, which means that they need to be fast absorbing with minimal after feel. Nighttime skincare products have more flexibility in their viscosity and application, making it the ideal time to apply opaque acne treatments and tacky, more emollient moisturizers
  • Maximize active ingredient efficacy – with the product is being worn for an uninterrupted 7 – 9 hours, this means that the active ingredients are given the maximum time for absorption and efficacy. While a targeted treatment mask may only be worn for 20 – 30 minutes, leaving on an active ingredient overnight allows its full impact to be seen

The format of an overnight treatment maximize the potential of one of the most popular skincare ingredients of 2019: CBD.

CBD Overnight Mask

We formulated our CBD Overnight Mask to focus on hydration and fighting inflammation, to help revitalize the skin overnight and combat the signs of aging.

The formula features full-spectrum CBD as well as cannabis sativa seed oil. Cannabis sativa seed oil is derived from hemp seeds, and helps to improve the skin’s barrier and to hydrate and calm the skin.

Also included is squalene, which hydrates the skin and helps balance sebum production, as well as juniper, ginger, and other plant extracts help calm and balance skin overnight.

It uses our Hydrolock Gel Moisturizer as its base formula, which has a high water phase, is silicone-free, and has lots of room for flexibility and new marketing stories.

To use, apply a thin layer as final skincare step after cleansing. Leave on overnight.

This is an example of how our library of bar soap and personal care products can lend itself to CBD-focused formulations. If your brand is exploring opportunities with this popular ingredient story, please contact our Sales Team.



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