New product lineups are full of water-thin, fast absorbing serums and hydrating gel moisturizers, but when skin is really parched, consumers know to turn to a tried and true product to solve their dry skin woes: body butter.

The body care segment has seen strong growth year over year thanks to the continuous rise of self care, new textures and product formats, and packaging innovations, but body butter has been a bathroom staple for decades.

The time-tested concept is straightforward: body butters are thick, emollient-rich moisturizers, packed with nourishing ingredients that help heal, protect, and hydrate extremely dry skin. These thick emollients create a physical barrier over the skin, trapping in moisture and helping the body to recover the moisture that it lost due to extreme temperatures, dry air, and other environmental stressors.

Body butters are generally an emulsion of natural ingredients that are rich in fatty acids. They use materials that are too thick and occlusive for frequent use on the face, as they result in a longer dry-down period more residue post-application that isn’t ideal for layering multiple products or makeup application.

Natural Emollients

Cocoa Butter

One popular addition to body butters is coca butter. Cocoa butter is a semi-solid to solid oil that melts at body temperature, which helps it to easily absorb into the skin. It’s a cream-colored fat derived from cocoa seeds, and can also add a light scent and smoothness to formulations.

Cocoa butter is extremely comedogenic, which means that it is highly likely to clog pores and cause inflammation and congestion. Those who are acne-prone should avoid using it on their face, but it is still very well suited for application on the body.

Shea Butter_InstagramShea Butter

Shea butter is one of the most popular ingredients in the bar soap that Twincraft Skincare manufactures for many of our customers. Shea butter is rich in fatty acids, vitamins A and E, and minerals, making it an extremely moisturizing emollient.

Unlike cocoa butter, shea butter has a comedogenic score of zero, which means that its hydrating abilities can be featured in facial moisturizers for people of all skin types.

Other examples of emollients include petrolatum and animal oils, such as emu, mink, and lanolin, all of which help heal and hydrate the skin. However, in an effort to reduce the use of animal products and to focus on natural, plant-based ingredients, we do not include these types of ingredients in our library product formulations. 

Natural Body Butter

Our Natural Body Butter is a rich and buttery smooth deep skin moisturizer. When first applied to the body, it feels velvety and smooth, and once its active ingredients are activated by massage, it melts into the skin.

This formula features shea butter and cocoa butter, and it is flexible and versatile to showcase your brand’s preferred hydration story. It’s vegan, natural, and free from PEGs, silicones, parabens, sulfates, and ethoxylates.

To learn more about this body care product, as well as the other ways the Twincraft team can integrate shea butter and cocoa butter into your brand’s product line, please contact our Sales team.



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