Sugar, coffee, salt, and oatmeal are all exfoliants that we’re more familiar with seeing in our pantries than in our skin care products, but as consumers look for more natural options to help them combat dryness, fine lines, uneven skin tone, redness, and breakouts, food-based ingredients will be at the top of their wish lists for 2017.

In addition to the natural scrubbers listed above, customers, especially those in Asian markets, are becoming more familiar with rice and its exfoliating benefits. Rice bran is the outer layer that surrounds each individual kernel, and can be ground into a fine powder that makes it an ideal treatment for extra-sensitive skin. This fine powder gently removes dirt and dead skin cells, and its nourishing properties help calm inflammation.  

Additionally, consumers are becoming more aware of the potential harmful effects of exfoliating too aggressively, especially on delicate facial skin. Larger, more jagged exfoliants, such as crushed walnut shell, are often used in inexpensive drugstore scrubs, but dermatologists and aestheticians often warn users against this type of product, as they have the potential to do more harm than good by causing irritation and accelerating the aging process.

Shoppers will continue to seek out more diverse options for face and body exfoliation products in 2017, and at Twincraft Skincare, we’re always developing new treatment options for our customers. For our first innovation cycle of 2017, we’ve developed two rice-based products: a Red Rice Exfoliating Bar and a Red Rice Body Polish.  The Red Rice Exfoliating Bar is ideal for facial cleansing, with just 2% rice grain, coconut oil and shea butter for moisture, and citric acid to help brighten the skin. The Red Rice Body Polish will give users a more robust exfoliation, with its rice grain content coming in at 17%. It uses a similar base to our rich Body Butter, delivering a luxurious and moisturizing shower experience.

Interested in learning more about how Twincraft is evolving natural exfoliation? Contact us directly or reach out to your Director of Business Development or another member of your dedicated Twincraft team today.

Update: These Red Rice product concepts are no longer an active part of the Twincraft Skincare Product Concept Library. While we do not currently stock samples or have sell sheets available for them, they can still serve as a starting point for your brand’s future product development with us. Please contact our Sales Team to learn more about our current capabilities and featured product innovations.


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