The rise of wellness culture has inspired beauty and lifestyle companies alike to expand their portfolios in new verticals. Due to growing interest in these wellness-adjacent concepts, we’re seeing an opportunity for brands to launch SKUs outside of the traditional skin or body care routine. Because many self care practices incorporate beauty and personal care products, it’s often considered a subset of the wellness category. Self care looks different for everyone, and with it becoming a mainstay in people’s lives throughout the pandemic, brands are taking the initiative to create diverse product offerings that will elevate someone’s daily routine.

The “skinification” of body care is another trend gaining massive traction, as products become more tailored to specific skin concerns. While the tangible benefits of premium body care might seem obvious, using products that impart a mood-lifting or physically relaxing quality is proven to have a positive effect on mental health as well. Holistic wellness is a widespread theme across BPC categories, as consumers seek products that complement their health-conscious lifestyles. In Twincraft's latest round of body care innovations, our objective was to uplevel personal care basics to create a more enjoyable experience for the user. 

To combat common ailments like tech neck, post-workout soreness and symptoms of stress, we developed Muscle Melt Gel with muscle-relaxing magnesium chloride, menthol and peppermint to offer immediate cooling and aromatherapy benefits. This lightweight formula comes in rollerball packaging for a "latherless," mess-free application that dries down matte. Super Soothe Deodorant features calming ingredients like colloidal oatmeal, bisabolol and ginger, along with magnesium hydroxide for a natural deodorant that targets malodor and offers support to more sensitive skin types. To tie in some mood-lifting visuals, we developed our Terrazzo Bar, which uses natural colorants from Gardenia blossoms to achieve a unique and fun aesthetic.

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