Twincraft Skincare has been making high quality soap at our Vermont factory for almost 50 years. We’re soap experts, and here, we explain what exactly triple milled soap is and why shoppers care about it.

Extruded Bar Soap

soap base noodlesWe make extruded soap at our Winooski factory, and we finish certified sustainable soap base that we purchase from the world’s best vendors. We add various ingredients to achieve a desired look, feel, or benefit, which can include natural or synthetic fragrances, colorants, exfoliating pieces or other active ingredients, and after all of these materials are batched together, they pass through the refining or mill stage of development. Finally, this soap is extruded, cut, and pressed into the desired shape before being packaged.

This method is capital intensive and very efficient, especially when compared to hand poured techniques. This method requires the use of proper milling equipment for the desired result. Soap extrusion produces consistent, high quality bars that last much longer than a homemade or poured version.

After the soap is mixed and passes through smooth stainless steel rollers, it’s pushed through three separate mesh screens, which gives the finished good its name of triple milled. Triple milled soap is also considered French milled soap because this technique is a traditional method used by French soap makers.Stages of Bar Soap Extrusion

Benefits of Triple Milled Soap

This process creates bar soaps that are more homogeneous than homemade versions, so they last longer and have a higher quality feel to them. The finished good feels smooth on the skin and provides a rich, luxurious lather when mixed with water.

cut slug bar soap

Triple milled soap will also hold up better in use, as it’s homogeneity makes the product sturdier than handmade varieties. While soaking the bar in water will cause it to soften and crack after it dries, it will hold up well during traditional use and storage in the shower or next to a sink.

It is a common misconception that extruded triple milled soap is harder than other varieties. Hardness of soap is actually relative to the choice of fats used to saponify in to the base.

Many of our potential customers are small brands that have outgrown the capabilities of their at-home equipment and want to scale up their successful bar soap business. While we can’t replicate the exact look and feel of a hand poured and cut bar at our factory, we are able to create a very similar product that will gain the additional benefits of being triple milled and can be cut or pressed to replicate a handmade product.

To learn more about our bar soap capabilities or the benefits of triple milled bar soap, please contact our Sales Team.





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