It’s estimated that up to 75% of people experience dandruff at some point in their lives, and more than ¼ of the population struggles with other symptoms of imbalance. The scalp contains a concentrated amount of oil and sweat glands, which make it especially prone to irritation. A sensitive scalp is often exacerbated by stripping shampoos, pore-clogging conditioners, and styling products that can lead to buildup. It’s no surprise that the “skinification” of hair care has gained massive traction in recent years, as more brands are beginning to approach this category through a different type of treatment lens. Industry research shows that addressing the root of the problem (no pun intended) by supporting the scalp rather than focusing solely on the strands will result in healthier hair in the long term. According to Mintel, scalp care innovations and diverse product offerings like serums, exfoliants, and masks are garnering serious popularity. This is especially true among females in their 20s and 30s, who readily adopt leave-in treatments and masks into their routines.

To meet growing consumer demand, we wanted to develop a formula that produced tangible results by managing multiple concerns in one easy step. Twincraft’s Scalp Revive is a creamy clay mask that serves up nutrient-dense argan and hemp oils to deeply moisturize without weighing hair down, while the clarifying effect of kaolin mops up excess oil and buildup. We’ve included Pentavitin, a skin-supportive ingredient that strengthens hair follicles by binding to keratin and promoting a balanced microbiome to reinforce the skin barrier. Scalp Revive includes extracts of peppermint, eucalyptus, and tea tree for their potent antimicrobial properties and cooling effect on the scalp. Regardless of the condition, the combination of these targeted actives boasts a variety of benefits for hair of all types. 

Another trend of increasing interest is solid shampoo and conditioner bars. An obvious departure from the familiar liquid formats we’re all so accustomed to using, this theme emerged as a sustainable alternative to offset the amount of water and packaging components needed to produce traditional hair care. A typical bottle of shampoo consists of 90% water, which equates to higher transportation costs due to size and weight, leading to greater emissions, and of course – more packaging. Since the start of our soap-making days in 1972, Twincraft has churned out every type of bar imaginable, pioneering unique ingredient stories and interesting visuals to prove that a bar of soap doesn’t have to be boring. With sustainability always at the forefront of our development process, we were eager to apply our knowledge and know-how in the hair care category.

Murumuru ShamBar (1)Our Magic Murumuru ShamBar was carefully crafted with soap noodles suspended in a soap-free base, allowing for higher foam production without any risk of stripping the hair and compromising the scalp. Overall hair health is supported by murumuru extract, a vitamin-rich emollient that works to boost vibrancy and moisturize without leaving a greasy residue. The addition of plum oil, an antioxidant with 3 times as much vitamin E as olive oil, protects hair from environmental pollutants and works alongside tucuma butter to repair damage, providing the same sensorial profile as silicone in a more eco-conscious format. 

Whether it be a curated formula for specific concerns or products made with our planet's best interest in mind, consumers are calling for better beauty that meets their evolving needs. At Twincraft, we love being able to ideate with our customers to create valuable, forward-thinking concepts that continue to raise the bar and reimagine industry standards. To learn more about our latest innovations and gain insight into today's market, connect with a member of our sales team through the link below!



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