Age-support skincare isn’t a new category by any means, however, there’s been a marketing shift sweeping across the industry in response to the values of today’s consumer. Keyword searches that include words like regenerative, restorative and replenishing are outnumbering inquiries of more traditional “anti-aging” language, such as claims about wrinkles and sun damage, along with promises of firming and tightening. How consumers talk about aging and overall brand messaging around these product concepts has evolved, and a more inclusive conversation about appearance, largely driven by Gen Z, reframes industry standards by embracing aging rather than criticizing it.

Interest in preventing cumulative damage and correcting common side effects of accelerated aging has increased as the average consumer becomes more educated on skin health. These savvy shoppers have a result-oriented mindset and often take the time to research before purchasing. There’s a wide age-gap for this type of consumer, as younger generations prioritize their skin and become more privy to products and ingredients. 

DSC00401Retinol Restore Serum Stick

In this unique formula, we utilize our dynamic Hybrid Base, a solid format that can incorporate both water and oil-soluble actives, to showcase one of skincare's most notable ingredients: Retinol. By combining stabilized Retinol with Squalane, this serum promotes collagen production and regulates cell turnover to retexture and balance skin tone, without the irritation often associated with Vitamin A derivatives.

As we emerge from a turbulent few years, consumers are looking to freshen their look and address changes in their skin that may have recently surfaced. As a result, spas and dermatologist offices have been booming since businesses reopened post-lockdown. Brands will have the opportunity to capitalize on the heightened interest of in-office procedures and treatments with complementary home care routines to help extend results. 

DSC00389Pro-Collagen Radiance Cream

The hero ingredient in this moisturizer comes from Astaxanthin, a powerhouse antioxidant more potent than Vitamin C, to protect cells against environmental damage, encourage collagen synthesis and improve skin resiliency. Paired with plant-derived collagen to improve barrier health and support elasticity, this daily treatment is supercharged with supportive ingredients for optimal skin health at any age. 

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