At nighttime, our skin is in peak repair mode due to a surge of hormone activity and other biological processes that are responsible for cellular restoration. In fact, your skin’s cell turnover rate can increase up to three times its normal speed! The temperature and acidity of our skin can also shift during the night, which can lead to transepidermal water loss - in other words, dehydration. Think of your skin as being in “protect” mode during the day as it defends against environmental pollutants, and “recovery” mode at night as it addresses any damage. Given all of these fluctuations, a PM skincare routine is the optimal time to incorporate ingredients that facilitate healing and support barrier function. 

According to trend forecasting engine, Glimpse, interest in Skin Barrier Repair grew 59% over the past year compared to 2021, putting it at a current volume of 10k searches per month, as of September 2022. “Slugging,” the term for applying a petroleum-based product as the final step of a skincare routine to lock in hydration and boost your barrier, has skyrocketed in popularity, with dermatologist and aesthetician approval and over 300 million views of the hashtag #slugging on TikTok. Interestingly enough, Aquaphor saw a 41% sales increase in 2021 despite having no new launches to show for, and Mintel found that 30% of female personal care users claim to have started using healing ointment in the last 12 months. These facts shine a light on consumer interest in occlusive products that are meant to support overall skin and barrier health. 

Our Cocoon Balm is a petrolatum-free treatment inspired by the slugging trend, as a cleaner and more lightweight alternative that offers additional benefits for all skin types. We’ve incorporated Saliporine-8, an extract of Glasswort which is a type of succulent that grows in the salt marshes along the coastline of South Korea. The compounds in this plant help to strengthen and reinforce the skin barrier by increasing the production of NMF, or natural moisturizing factors - a crucial element of healthy skin! 

For the consumer looking for convenience and a consolidated routine, concepts with bundled benefits offer an easy, affordable and more sustainable way of achieving their aesthetic goals. Although the average consumer is more educated than ever, they’re often overwhelmed by the saturated market and unsure of which products they should ultimately use. This, coupled with the possible financial stress of inflation and growing concerns over product waste, have prompted the user to take a simplified approach to their skincare regimens. Pillow Talk Overnight Facial offers the benefits of a multi-step routine without the hassle, making it a superb addition to one’s product lineup. For evening skin and targeting pigmentation, we added Tetrapeptide-30 alongside the humectant properties of PHA Lactobionic Acid and powerhouse exfoliant Glycolic Acid for that post-facial glow! 




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