There’s a hot new category in skincare: the solid cleanser. These products often boast an impressive sustainability story – offering a reduction in both water content and plastic packaging compared with their liquid counterparts. However, as intriguing as the sustainability aspect is, even the most eco-conscious consumers are finding themselves perplexed about how to use this new format of cleanser.

Admittedly, so was I. Until I tried it. Here’s how the solid cleanser became one of my favorite products in my dopp kit…

Last fall, I spent two weeks in Europe, traveling from Croatia to France. It was a challenging trip to pack for, since we anticipated warm days on the beach, cool days in the mountains, and cold, windy days in Paris. With limited space in my suitcase, I kept my skincare and makeup to a minimum. At the last minute, I decided to throw our B Clean Solid Cleanser into my bag – and I’m so glad I did. This versatile cleanser was the hero of my trip.

Here’s how I used my solid cleanser:

During the first few days of our trip, we stayed in a nice, well-stocked Airbnb. Since our hosts had provided body wash, shampoo, and lotion, my dopp kit sat mostly neglected on the vanity. However, facial cleanser was not included in the provided skincare arsenal, so the solid cleanser made its debut.

Untitled design (13)First, I splashed my face with warm water to dampen my skin. Then, after propelling the stick up a bit, I massaged it directly onto my face. Once I had a bit of a lather going, I used my hands to thoroughly wash my face before rinsing it clean. Impressively, it removed most of my makeup (aside from a bit of stubborn waterproof mascara, which I touched up with a makeup remover wipe), and it left my skin feeling clean, but not dry or tight.

On the second leg of our trip, we stayed in a hotel. Again, the essentials were provided, and most of my personal care needs were covered. However, this leg of the trip was near the beach, and it was time to shave my legs. I was hoping to show off silky skin at the beach, but the stripping hotel soap was just not cutting it for a smooth shave. The solid cleanser came to the rescue.

Untitled design (14)-1Because I still planned to use the solid cleanser on my face, I opted to lather it in my hands this time, rather than apply it directly to my skin. After wetting my hands and legs, I lathered the cleanser into a light foam, applied it to my legs, and followed with a razor. While the solid cleanser didn’t offer as much foam as a traditional shaving cream, it provided plenty of slip for a smooth shave. Voilà! Beach ready.

On the final leg of our trip, we stayed at an Airbnb that offered no skincare amenities whatsoever. Not even soap. The panic was starting to set in – we were staying at this Airbnb for three days before flying home, so skipping the shower wasn’t a viable option – when I remembered my solid cleanser. Could the same product that I had used to wash my face and shave my legs really be this versatile? Spoiler alert: Yes, yes it could.

Untitled design (15)-1I brought the stick right into the shower with me. I wet a washcloth and applied the cleanser to the cloth in a circular motion until I felt I had sufficient suds. I put the cap back on the cleanser, and equipped with the soapy cloth, washed head to toe. Crisis averted. After the shower, and feeling sparkly clean, I dried the outside of the container and tossed it back in my bag.

When I got home, I discovered that a couple of the liquid products I packed had leaked in transit. Call me an astute traveler, for I had anticipated this and sealed them in a plastic bag. (Not to mention, many airports still require you to take your liquids out of your bag at security.) As for the solid cleanser, thrown haphazardly into my dopp kit? Totally fine. No mess, no leaking, no need to remove it at security.

So, after two weeks on the other side of the Atlantic, I’m marking the ever-so-versatile solid cleanser down as a win!


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