With so many skincare products saturating the market, it’s critical for new brands to identify ways in which they can differentiate themselves. Of course, efficacy remains the top priority throughout the development process, but the overall user experience shouldn’t be underestimated. How a product looks and feels upon application, surprising transformations and ease of use are all factors that influence the personality of your product and the impression it leaves on your consumer.

In our latest round up of innovation concepts, our Product Innovation Team wanted to showcase some fun and unforgettable textures that are sure to make a splash. Cleansing balms have been popular on the market due to their ability to break down makeup, SPF, and any buildup on the skin. Because many balms are oil based and lack an emulsification system, they can often leave a residue behind which some find unpleasant or even pore-clogging. The unique gel-to-oil transformation of our Fresh Start Cleansing Balm works to dissolve impurities with the help of enzymes from papaya extract for mild exfoliation, turning into a milky lather with the introduction of water. The result is perfectly cleansed and comfortable skin!

Skin Nectar Honey Mask is a multitasking facial treatment in a gel-balm format that simultaneously improves hydration levels, combats breakouts, and gently exfoliates while supporting the skin with a cocktail of complexion-boosting antioxidants like royal jelly, propolis, and saffron extract. We were able to combine these active ingredients with potent moisturizers such as meadowfoam, rosehip, and sea buckthorn oils to create a honey-like formula that applies like silk on your skin. 

When it comes to unique formula and packaging opportunities, one that’s been standing out on the shelves is spray serums and essences. We’ve found that a product in this type of format offers better convenience, making it a great option for reapplication throughout the day and for use in hard to reach areas. Our Pollution Guard Scalp Tonic taps into the growing scalp care space with a product that protects you from irritants and environmental stressors that can lead to irritation. Key ingredients include amino acids for strength and repair, adaptogenic ashwagandha to modulate inflammation, and hyaluronic acid for hydration support.

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