Twincraft Skincare is a soap finishing facility, which means that we do not manufacture our own soap base. Instead, we source soap base from the world’s best suppliers to create high quality finished goods for our customers.

At our Winooski, Vermont bar soap facility, we’re constantly innovating, creating new manufacturing processes to develop unique aesthetic qualities and in-use experiences. When it comes to bar soap quality, though, that is a factor largely dictated by the base and we must look to our base suppliers to provide us with new concepts to help move the industry forward. Our supplier partnerships are invaluable, and we work with them very closely to identify new market opportunities.

We are firmly committed to using sustainable palm oil in our bar soap projects, as we believe that the only way to enact change in the palm industry is to promote good business practices and sustainable partnerships. However, we see opportunity in the bar soap market beyond palm oil soap bases, and we are now able to offer extruded soap base made using 100% coconut oil to our customers.

Coconut Oil

coconut in halfCoconut has risen as a trendy ingredient in the wellness, food, and personal care space for years. It is harvested and used in many forms, and every component of the coconut plant is used for consumption and in products – coconut milk, coconut water, coconut oil, coconut meat, and coconut husk. We use all of these ingredients individually in our bar soap and liquid skincare products, but until now, usage has been limited to marketing ingredient levels.

One coconut product that stands out from the rest is coconut oil. Coconut oil has been given superfood status due to its high levels of phytochemicals and saturated fat content. It is also marketed in the personal care space as a head-to-toe solution for a wide variety of problems, as it’s a rich moisturizer for skin and hair and is naturally antibacterial and antifungal.

Coconut Oil Soap Base

Given its high profile in the wellness sector, coconut oil is well suited to replace palm oil in many products, including opportunities in bar soap.

This new soap base is made using 100% coconut oil, and the result is an opaque, vegetable-derived, extruded soap base that is ideal for the manufacturing of luxury, high performance soap bars. It creates high foam and a dense creamy lather that results in a unique and luxurious experience for the user. With this high foam comes excellent cleansing properties, but due to the moisturizing qualities of coconut oil, skin is left hydrated and supple, not dry or stripped.

Coconut Oil Bar Soap

Our Innovation Team has created our first product with this new soap base – our Coconut Oil Bar Soap. It highlights the superior qualities of this new base, and offers a unique alternative to sustainable palm soap base for our customers.

To request a sample of this new bar soap, or to learn more about pricing and capabilities for this base, please contact our Sales team.



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