For 50 years, Twincraft has been a leading contract manufacturer in the personal care industry. One of the most common inquiries we tend to get from customers (other than “what are your MOQs?”) is whether or not we offer private labeling. Put simply, we don’t! Custom development is our bread and butter, but we recognize that there are subtle similarities between these two methods which can cause some confusion. 

Contract Manufacturing is the process of developing a completely custom product. When partnering with a CM, you gain access to an entire team of chemists and formulators, along with product and packaging specialists, all working together to bring your vision to life. Choosing contract manufacturing is ideal for those looking to be involved in each phase of the development process, from inception to finished good. Having the ability to create a unique product from scratch is the best way to differentiate your brand from others on the market and provide immense value to your consumer base. If you’re DTC or selling through retailers, contract manufacturing is a great solution for companies that anticipate high volume orders. 

Private Labeling involves working with a third-party manufacturer to produce and sell their product under your brand name. This option is typically suited for smaller businesses who may not have the resources or budget to accommodate custom development. Opting for private label often comes with lower startup costs because there is less R&D involved, along with smaller order minimums from the manufacturer. This off-the-shelf approach is ideal for individuals or brands that seek a more turn-key solution.

Understanding the key differences between contract manufacturing and private label is critical in determining which approach is best for your brand. If you're interested in creating a personal care line and aren't sure which route is right for you, just reach out! Our team can't wait to connect with you.



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