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Clay mask? Check. Body butter? Check. Exfoliating bar soap? Check.

At Twincraft, we make many different kinds of products. Some, such as cleansers or masks, are easy to categorize, but when it comes to the more niche products that really help your brand's lineup stand out from the crowd, it can get a little harder to nail down what we can do.

An easy way for us to answer the question "What does Twincraft make?" is for us to focus on what we don't make - you won't find tablets, powders, or bath bombs here. We do have some very innovative alternatives for these popular requests, though, such as our Calming Bath Elixir or Gentle Baby Bar concepts.

If you have an idea for a bath or body care product for humans of any age or size, we want to talk with you and figure out a way to bring it to life.

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Is your brand looking for white space? Not sure what to launch next? Explore our product concept library to discovery unique product applications that build off of consumer trends and new ingredient technology.

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