Skincare Product Concepts for Face & Body Care

Twincraft Skincare specializes in natural skincare formulations that are optimized for efficacy, flexibility, and sustainability, and are intended to feature trend stories that align with demands of the marketplace.

Our R&D team proactively formulates our product concepts to comply with popular "never lists" and free-from claims, helping our business partners to take these products from conception to distribution as quickly as possible.

These concepts are intended to be a starting point and inspiration for our customers, and our skincare base library is stocked with formulas that are flexible and easily adaptable to tell a variety of on-trend marketing stories. Contact us to request sell sheets and samples, explore our liquid packaging solutions, identify product opportunities,  as well as to schedule a meeting to discuss these unique, natural formulations with members of our Sales and R&D teams.


Our heritage is in bar soap, and we are able to leverage our experience and expertise in that area to formulate unique cleansing options for face and body



Target and treat fine lines, inflammation, acne, sun damage, and other skin conditions with our range of premium natural skincare treatments. 


Body Care

Skincare shouldn't stop at the neck. Hydrate, treat, and heal skin from the shoulders to the toes



Treat and hydrate the skin with a range of moisturizing options, from fast absorbing hydrogels to thick and rich body butters



Masks are designed to target and treat specific skin conditions, and our mask options range from creamy clay textures to luxurious overnight masks


Hair Grooming

From the head to the toes, our hair grooming products are designed to calm and soothe skin before, during, and after the hair removal process