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Deodorant & Stick Contract Manufacturing

We Now Make Deodorant & Other Hot-Pour Stick Products

You may know Twincraft Skincare as your go-to expert for bringing your bar soap ideas to life. That's not all we do, though! We already work with some of the world's best skincare brands to bring their moisturizer and cleanser concepts to life, and we can now add natural deodorants and other hot-pour stick products to our list of offerings.

If your brand is looking to add natural deodorant or other sustainable stick products to your lineup, we want to talk with you about it! We're actively adding capacity to our Vermont factories and developing new stick concepts, ready to explore the possibilities with you.

Explore What's Possible

Just about everyone uses deodorant these days, but we're dreaming up ways to make this common product better - better for the environment, better at stopping BO in its tracks, and better than your competition's newest launch. We've put together some inspiring stick product ideas to help get your next project off the ground.

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Ready to Stick It to Your Competition?

We're here to help you bring your big idea to life