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We pride ourselves in being the industry experts in bar soap and natural skincare, forming partnerships with suppliers and customers all over the world.

 Innovation Innovation

At Twincraft, we've driven the bar soap industry for over 45 years. We pride ourselves in our proactive approach to product development, and strive to provide solutions to our customers long before they demand it, and pioneering RSPO soap base formulas.

Our commitment to innovation also extends to our liquid skincare developments, as our R&D team develops sophisticated formulas through a natural lens, formulating without ingredients that our customers avoid in their product lines. We are always pushing to solve problems for our customers, with the goal of creating clean personal care products with a positive impact on the planet.

Formulation Formulation

Twincraft offers complete formulation services in bar soap and skincare, and we develop premium products for the world's best brands.

From exfoliating bar soaps to silicone-free moisturizers, our teams are experts at developing a wide range of personal care products for over 140 of the world's most popular and prestigious brands.

We tailor the development process to each specific business partner, from the smaller rising natural brands to larger, luxury prestige brands, and our formulators are involved at every step of this process, from conception to manufacturing.

Certification Certification

While there is no one definition of natural in the personal care market, we formulate according to the high standards that our customers provide to us. Often, this requires coordination with a certification board such as the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil, Leaping Bunny, or Oregon Tilth.

Our bar soap and skincare formulators are well educated on the strict requirements of these organizations, and our regulatory team works alongside R&D to ensure that our business partners are able to achieve the status that their product deserves. 

 Packaging Packaging

At Twincraft, we understand that product packaging is as important a part of the final product as the formula is, and our team of packaging experts works closely alongside sales and manufacturing to ensure that we can meet your packaging needs.

Bar soap packaging is always evolving, and we are constantly trying new techniques to ensure that a new bar soap will stand out on a store shelf alongside boring boxes and paper wrap.

Liquid skincare packaging has a wide amount of variance to it, and we're exploring new equipment and tools to ensure that we can fill packaging that will be on trend and effective, as well as give an item more shelf appeal.

Updates From the Blog

Nov 16, 2018
Palm oil is a globally traded agricultural commodity used in 50% off all consumer goods, including, but is certainly not limited to, lipstick, prepared food, body lotion, and bar soap. Almost all soap base used to manufacture bar soap for Twincraft Skincare’s many customers is derived from palm oil. We source thousands of metric tons of soap base each year; therefor, we believe we have an important role to play in encouraging the use of sustainable palm. Our commitment to the planet, the environment, and a responsible supply chain led us to join the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil many years ago, but lately, our customers have also been asking us about Rainforest Alliance certification. Here we break down what each certification entails, and what they mean to today’s consumers.… Read More
Nov 16, 2018
Soap is in our DNA at Twincraft Skincare, and we firmly believe that soap can, and should, be included in effective facial cleanser formulas. It has a bad reputation for potentially stripping the skin and adjusting the skin’s natural pH, but our team of innovators are experts at developing natural, gentle soap-based cleansers that will convert any soap-phobic user.… Read More

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Twincraft Skincare is always looking for motivated and hardworking individuals to join our team in Vermont.

If you are interested in working for an innovative company that is dedicated to creating the best soap and skincare products in the personal care industry and offers competitive benefits, please apply now.

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