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Clean the World & Twincraft Skincare Partnership

Clean the World

Donating Soap to Save Lives

Bar soap is a low-waste product that requires minimal packaging, and it is formulated with safe, natural ingredients. These characteristics continue to fuel the bar soap category's growth and have helped it to survive being replaced by cost-conscious body washes in recent years.

With everything that bar soap has going for it, there are still opportunities to help make it a greener product category and the right choice for conscious consumers who want to minimize their impact on the planet

In December of 2018, Twincraft Skincare launched a partnership with Clean the World, and we now donate our excess soap waste to this organization. This means that almost all of the soap scraps from the products that we manufacture at our Winooski, Vermont factory don't end up in a landfill and instead, it all goes towards supporting this amazing group.*

*Please note, we are unable to donate OTC soap products to this organization, as ingredients considered a drug by the FDA cannot be repurposed.

What Is Clean the World?

Clean the World is a global social enterprise dedicated to WASH (Water Sanitation and Hygiene) and sustainability. Clean the World operates soap recycling centers and administrative offices in Orlando, Las Vegas, Washington, DC, Montréal (Canada), Hong Kong, Amsterdam (Netherlands), and Punta Cana (Dominican Republic). 

Clean the World’s mission is to make the world a better place and is doing so as it becomes a global leader in sustainable impact solutions, including a Global Recycling Program, via which they recycle soap bars and plastic amenity bottles.

To date, Clean the World has distributed over 77 million soap bars, diverted over 24 million pounds of waste, saved over 10 million kg of carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere, and reduced industrial water consumption by 44 million gallons!

Clean the World Foundation, which is part of the United Nations’ Global WASH Cluster (Water Sanitation and Hygiene), implemented its WASH programming to benefit global communities with high pre-adolescent death rates due to diarrheal diseases (such as cholera) and acute respiratory infections (including pneumonia), which are two of the top killers of children under the age of 5. Since 2009, Clean the World has helped over 10 million individuals, distributed 77 million bars of soap, and provided 5 million hygiene kits in 127 countries.

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Twincraft Skincare's Support of Clean the World

Recycled soap from Twincraft's Winooski facility is processed, sterilized, and made into brand new, 1.75 oz bars of soap. These brand new bars are distributed through Clean the World's programs, where 1 bar of soap = 100 hand washes.

Our partnership with Clean the World extends additional partnership opportunities to our customers, too. If your bar soap brand wants to explore shared cause marketing with Clean the World, please reach out directly to your Director of Sales.


Clean the World Programs:

  • Hygiene Kits - These kits contain recycled hygiene products, such as bar soap made from our soap scraps, that are diverted from landfills and repurposed to benefit those in need, such as local homeless shelters or aid groups
  • Mobile Hygiene Unit - The Mobile Hygiene Unit serves homess and low-income populations by providing a shower and hygiene supplies, as well as connecting individuals with service providers who can help them find housing, job placement, and other life-changing services
  • WASH Education - This program uses a "train-the-trainer" approach to support domestic and international efforts and provide hygiene supplies and interactive curriculum to community clinics, schools, and maternal health centers

Visit the Clean the World Website to Learn More

Since it launched, Clean the World has driven tremendous impact due to parternships such as ours, and together, we can help reach new sustainability goals and make an even larger social impact.